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    • AM-ICD conveyer dyeing machine award “2018 National Invention and Creation Award” which organized by TIPO
    • Extreme low and uni-liquor ratio : 1:2.5~3.5
    • Patent: Euro, U.S.A., U.K., Italy, Germany, China, Greece, Turkey, India, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea…

    Conveyer Dyeing Machine, ACME-Intelligent Conveyer Drive High Pressure Constant Speed Dyeing Machine

    Intelligent Conveyer Drive High Pressure Constant Speed Dyeing Machine, ACME Dyeing Machine
  • Intelligent Conveyer Drive High Pressure Constant Speed Dyeing Machine
  • Model:AM-ICD type K
  • Low Uni-Liquor Ratio : 1:2.5~3.5
  • 輸送帶式高溫定速染色, 七信染色機智慧型輸送帶式高溫定速染色機
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  • The machine has worldwide patented, including Euro, U.S.A., U.K., Italy, Germany, China, Taiwan, Greece, Turkey, India, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea ……etc., total more than 200 pieces patents. This machine also won Distinguished Enterprise Innovation Award and Taiwan Excellence Award from Taiwan government in recognition of its outstanding performance and dedication to industrial innovation.

    Main Features :
    Extreme low and uni-liquor ratio : 1 : 2.5 ~ 3.5

    Liquor ratio depend on the water pick up rate of fabrics.
    Constant speed: Fabrics circulation at constant speed.
    Rapid circulate:
    Water drop out of fabrics, fabrics absorbs little water with lighter self-weight, so circulate rapidly with low nozzle pressure.
    Dyeing process controlled either by cycle times or by clock time:
    No matter how long of the fabric length, the total no. of cycles are the same.                                                                                                       
    Variable dyeing process time:
    Total dyeing process time depend on the fabrics length or speed of fabrics circulation.
    Shorten fabric length or faster fabric speed will reduce the total process time.
    Perfect reproductivity: Excellent color matching. Free of batch and tube difference.
    Free of tangling and rapidly rinsing:
    In stead of floating on the water, the fabric is transported on conveyer.
    Achieves smooth running and free of tangling.
    Fabric transported on conveyer, avoiding from friction, stretching, snagging, abrasion and pilling.
    Extreme low tension, free of edge curling:
    Water dropped out of fabrics, fabrics absorbing little water, reducing the gravity of fabrics, achieves low tension, free of edge curling.
    Therefore, edges no need to stitching for spandex and tricot fabrics before dyeing.
    Excellent uniform dyeing :
    Low liquor volume, fast circulation achieves high exchange rate with fabrics, result in excellent uniform dyeing.
    Intelligent fully automatic control system: No skill operator needed.
    High pressure high temperature draining, rinsing and cooling:
    Rapidly draining, hot water rinsing or ice water directly cooling at 135ºC.
    Extreme low power consumption : Saving energy and reducing cost.
    Teflon coating: Teflon coating to avoid friction.
    Built in heat exchanger:
    High efficiency of heat exchanging, save energy consumption and make sure uniform temperature.
    Chemical powder fed in directly: Fast dissolving, prevent from congelation.
    The optimum dyeing programming :
    The computer shows the variety of fabrics length following the temperature increase, the best dyeing program can be obtained accordingly by combining chemical reaction and physics variety.
    Multi-function rinsing system:
      1. Shower rinsing: Shower rinsing achieves quick rinsing and minimize the water consumption.
      2. Surfy overflow rinsing: Quickly washing out the floating on particle or fluff.
      3. Rinsing by lots: Drain out and feed in alternatively to achieve quickly rinsing and minimize the water consumption.  
    CCRW- system:
    Combine cooling, rinsing and kier washing at the same time – shorten the total dyeing cycle time and minimize the water consumption.
    Keep the floor dry :
    Unloading the fabrics which absorb with few water, keep the floor dry, improve working environment.


  • Main function :
    1. Dyeing process controlled fully automatically:
        a. Controlled by time.
        b. Controlled by no. of cycles of fabric circulation.

    2. Liquor ratio and liquor volume controlled automatically.
    3. Constant fabric speed control and display.
    4. Fabrics circulation synchronize control.
    5. Fabric speed and circulation time display.
    6. Modulating control for heating and cooling.
    7. To control the fabric and conveyer speed individually or simultaneously.
    8. Flow meter to control the water volume accurately.
    9. Total water consume record.
    10. Kier auto cleaning system
    11. Multifunction rinsing : Shower rinsing, lots rinsing and double overflow rinsing.
    12. Twin - chemical dosing tank.
    13. Chemical powder feed in directly, without pre-dilution.
    14. Inverter control the motor speed steadily and saving the power.
    15. The display to show the actual fabric running speed and it’s cycle time per revolution. Detect the seam automatically.
    16. Combine cooling, rinsing and kier washing at the same time.

  • 智慧型輸送帶式高溫定速染色機

  • The special functions of optional devices :
    1. High temperature high pressure drain.
    2. Cooling water recycled directly.
    3. High temperature high pressure water preparing.
    4. High temperature high pressure rinsing.
    5. High temperature rapid cooling with ice water.
    6. Watt meter to record total power consumption.
    7. Steam flow meter to record total steam consumption.

    Model AM-ICD 300 / 400 AM-ICD 600 / 800
    ITEM Type - K Type – W Type - K Type – W
    MAX CAPACITY (KG) 300 / 400 600 / 800
    LIQUOR RATIO 1 : 2.5 ~ 3.5 1 : 2.5 ~ 3.5
    MAX. FABRIC SPEED (M/MIN) 400 500 400 500
    TOTAL POWER (KW) 15.75 19.5 30 33.75
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