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    • Extreme low and uni-liquor ratio : 1:2.5~3.5
    • ITMA 2019 Barcelona Spain 20- 26, June 2019 Booth No: H2-B309
    • AM-ICD conveyer dyeing machine award “2018 National Invention and Creation Award” which organized by TIPO
    • Patent: Euro, U.S.A, UK, Italy, Germany, China, Taiwan, Greece, Turkey, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea... etc.

    ACME Rapid Dyeing Machine-High Temperature Rapid Dyeing Machine

    High Temperature Rapid Dyeing Machine ACME Dyeing Machine
  • High Temperature Rapid Dyeing Machine
  • Model:AM-OH
  • Liquor Ration:1:5~7
  • 高溫高速染色機高溫高速染色機
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  • Low water consumption & Low pollution
    Extreme low liquor ratio1:4~5, minimize the water, chemical and energy consumption, waste water treatment also decreased.
    Uniform  dyeing
    Reasonable loading capacity for each chamber to prevent from  too long fabrics length and the creasing due to the  fabrics gravity. This ensure the higher dye up take and minimize the ­fabric cycle time. Therefore the uniform dyeing also achieved.
    Fabric spread out circulation
    Equipped with the rectangular divergent dyeing tube which help the fabrics to spread out while circulation in dyeing tube then flow down to the dyeing chamber smoothly without any assistance of mechanism. Due to the fabrics natural irregularly changeable but orderly storage on the dyeing chamber this prevent from the crease mark problem.
    Lower tension and soft flow good for spandex
    Lower tension and soft nozzle pressure improve the  elasticity of spandex fabrics.
    Free of crease mark and edge curling improve touch feeling
    The detwisting effect for high twisted fabrics and better
    touch feeling are improved by its special nozzle and dyeing tube construction.
    This also achieves free of crease marks, especially prevents the edge curling problem of tricot fabric.
    Automatic chemical dosing system
    Both of manual and automatic chemical dosing system are available. Automatic stirring, dilution and feeding of dyestuff or chemicals by dosing which minimize operater's error as well as improve the dyeing uniformity.
    Auto cleaning system
    The automatic clean system is equipped to wash the tank after dyeing cycle to prevent from dirting fabrics of next batch.
    Special overflow rinsing system
    The special overflow rinsing system ensure the better
    washing effect not only shorten the washing time but
     also minimize the water consumption.
    Save space requirement
    Compact construction saves the required space.


    A. Seam detector to show the actual fabric running speed and its cycle time per revolution as well as finding the seam automatically.

    B. Flow meter to control the water level precisely.
    C. Second chemical tank to prepare the dyestuff and chemical separately.
    D. Preheating tank for water preheating to save dyeing cycle time.
    E. Power drain system to speed draining.

  • 高溫高速染色機
    Model AM-OH
    25 75 125 250 500 750 1000
    No. of Chamber 1 1 1 2 4 6 8
    Max. Working Temp. 138ºC
    Max. Capacity (kg) 25 75 125 250 500 750 1000
    Width 2400 2500 2150 3300 4050 5900 8200
    Length 2800 3000 4000 4200 4200 4350 4500
    Height 2600 2800 3300 3300 3300 3300 3300


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