Oil Hydraulic Jigger Dyeing Machine

  • Compact Structure High Capacity
  • Oil Hydraulic Driving
  • Oscillating
  • Batch Circulation
  • Chemical Feeding
  • Control System
  • Heating System
  • Washing


Made of high guage sus316 stainless steel. Max. batch diameter 1300m/m. Suit for fabrics from very light tafeta to very heavy canvas fabrics up to 800 gm/yd.

High torque achives high loading capacity high speed and smooth running (up to 150 m/min) especially equipped with acceleration and deceleration function while starting and stopping.

At the ends of final run the oscillating function (forward and reverse) is started automatically to avoid from unbalanced roll.

The circulation pump is equipped to improve the bath exchange and avoid side-center variation.

The PLC controlled chemical feeding system controls the chemical feeding in presetted time, volume, position and number of lots for different kinds of fabrics, to make sure uniform dyeing.

Equipped with both microprocessor automatic control and manual control.

Equipped with direct and indirect heating system to save the cycle time and a muffler is also equipped to eliminate noisy.

Equipped with overflow washing system and jet spary device to make sure quickly and thoroughly washing.

AM-ODJ 2100

Fabric Width

2100 m/m

Max. Speed

150 m/min


5 ~75 kg

Roller Diameter

406 m/m

Batch Diameter

1300 m/m

Installed Power

13 kw